Wood is a breathable material due to its structure. This feature makes it a healthy material and also makes it long-lasting. These structures, which can be built with lower budgets compared to reinforced concrete houses, can also have the feature of being portable. Its pitched roofs are ideal for protection from natural phenomena such as precipitation and wind. In fact, these houses, which have very similar features with chalets, have all the practical features for a person to live a comfortable life. They are preferred because they are low-budget, natural materials, healthy and intertwined with nature. These architecturally attractive houses can also turn into a warm environment with decoration.

It also has an irresistible attraction for those who are fascinated by the irresistible beauty of wood and love to decorate. We have said that wood, which is a natural material, has a breathable structure. This feature actually makes it usable in all seasons. The fact that it is suitable for a cooler environment in the summer and warmer in the winter takes it one step ahead in terms of heat.

They are generally wooden structures consisting of one or one and a half floors. These structures, which were first built in India, were made for the accommodation of travelers. It is a typical example of houses with eaves and porches that come to mind when bungalow houses are mentioned. These structures, which are made of natural materials and seem small, but are quite functional, are generally used for holiday purposes. There are also people who use these buildings as houses.